The Copper Rabbit Rainbow Dangles

The Copper Rabbit Rainbow Dangles

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Products are handcrafted and truly one of a kind. Products may vary slightly from this photo in colors, textures, and patterns. EAR SENSITIVITY?? All earrings are extremely light weight and all posts are nickel-free.

Maintenance : The Copper Rabbit products are handcrafted with quality materials, but clay is not invincible. Please adhere to the following product guidelines.

- Take care when handling your product. Damage may occur if you bend, drop or mistreat your earrings.
- Always keep your earrings safely in their box when traveling.
- Do not set anything on top of your earrings.
- Keep away from oils, lotions, and perfumes. These products could affect the life span of your earrings.
- Do not wear in water.

Cleaning Your Product : To clean your earrings simply wipe with a damp cloth.